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Any Song

No matter if it’s a simple song you’d love to sing or that complicated opus you wrote, save time with Chart Surgeon writing clear and useful charts.

If you know what you want, great! Order custom chord charts here. But if you are after suggestions or need to add popular songs to your repertoire, try the recently released Style Collections on Gumroad. This collection is $30 (save $120) and includes Life Is A Highway, Chicken Fried and Days Go By in Number, Chord and Lyric versions for each song.

Get Country Rock Collection

Any Style

From Country to Jazz, (and anything else) be sure you’ll get the right chart to suit the musicians – amateurs to professionals – we know what to include.

Any Format

Nashville Number Charts, Chord Charts, Chords Above Lyrics, Notation, Lead Sheets, Full Score – any format of chart you need, even drum charts.

Fast Turnaround

Do you have a gig coming up? Upload an MP3 and have the chart emailed to you while you drive to the gig. It will be waiting for you when you get there.

PDF in your inbox

Small, convenient format that you can print yourself or directly import into your favourite app on your iPad.


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“My band only uses Chart Surgeon charts!”

  • Judah Kelly   judahkellymusic

    “Quick turnaround. High quality charts. Very well priced !! 11/10”

    • Ruby Gilbert   Ruby Gilbert

    “Thanks for your great work on my charts recently! Chart Surgeon rocks!”

    • Fiona Kernaghan   Fiona Kernaghan

    “Thankyou so much Sonic for my great Charts. Such professional service. See you in Tamworth!”

    • Hayley Langley   Hayley Langley

    “The most accurate and thorough charts I’ve ever used – super convenient and reliable. Nothing compares!”

    • Caitlyn Shadbolt   Caitlyn Shadbolt

      “Amazing work! Chart Surgeon was so professional and extremely fast when I needed charts last minute. Will be getting my charts from him in the future!”

      • Abbie Ferris   Abbie Ferris

      “Accurate, legible with the fastest turnaround known to man.
      The Chart Surgeon not only impressed with time proficiency, but the result as well! Will be my first point of call!”

      • Levena Stewart   Levena Stewart

      “Thank you, Chart Surgeon for your very prompt and professional service in doing my charts. Always a pleasure to communicate with you and I look forward to working with you again very soon.”

      • Mason Hope   Mason Hope

      “Helped me at the last minute with a lot of charts (lol sorry) and exceeded expectations! Thank you for saving my butt and giving me amazing charts that my band found easy to follow.”

      • Chelsea Berman   Chelsea Berman

        “These charts are top notch. As a busy full-time musician it can be hard to find time to do quality charts yourself. Chart Surgeon has an amazingly fast turnaround when you need charts quickly. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

        • Will Day   Will Day

        “My friend the Chart Surgeon. My band always thank me for great charts…..however the glory always goes to Sonic Edwards. Take the step and have your tunes professionally charted. You’ll be glad you did.”

        • Victoria Edwards   Victoria Edwards

        “When it comes to writing charts, Sonic is brilliant! His attention to detail is superb and efficiency is second to none. Whether you are a fully fledged touring artist/musician or just starting out, I would highly recommend Sonics services, you will not be disappointed.”
        • Tania Kernaghan   Tania Kernaghan

        “Sonic did a ripper job of charting a whole heap of songs for me recently – he was very efficient, co-operative, patient with me and my deadlines, and very easy to deal with. The charts are top quality, and very easy to follow! 😊 I thoroughly recommend him.”

        • Ryan Daykin   Ryan Daykin

        “Sonics charts make you look good, they make you look like you have your shit together! Bands I play with always compliment me on how great my charts are! And they taste like chocolate… Ok the last bit isn’t true but maybe a new business venture, chocolate charts?”

        • Hayley Marsten   Hayley Marsten

        “Sonic goes above and beyond to provide detailed Nashville number charts, with the added bonus of a standard chord chart included too. Much appreciated and with a quick turnaround. Sonic’s extensive knowledge of music theory ensures your charts will sound polished when presented to a band. Highly recommend.”

        • Angus Gill   Angus Gill

        “Sonic Edwards was recommended to us by a number of people in the music industry and we are so glad we listened. Sonic will chart your original music with ease, in whatever format you require and with precision and detail. If you have your own spin on a cover song, he can chart it to perfection, just the way you play it. We have utilized his service numerous times already and will continue to do so in the future. Sonic works in a timely manner and at a great price. He is reliable, can work to a deadline and the charts you receive will be top shelf.”

        • Rachel & Bec Olsson INNOCENTEVE   Innocent Eve

        “Efficient, professional and reliable are the three words I would use to sum up Sonic the Chart Surgeon.

        Being fairly new to session playing and reading charts, I was unsure of what I was getting into, and how it would go. But upon receiving the charts from Sonic I was put at ease straight away at the simple, well-spaced layout and the easy to read directions. Not only are his charts professional and reliable, but the time frame from requesting to receiving charts is insanely quick. I would highly recommend his services to all musicians and artists, from local muso to international superstar.”

        • Rhys Roberts   Rhys Roberts

        “I am a music producer, live performer, and the owner operator of Sparrow Sound Studio.
        I have worked with Sonic Edwards both in the studio and in live situations. He is an exceptional musician and arranger. Sonic has provided me with charts for countless studio sessions and his attention to detail is impeccable. He will provide you charts in both Written Notation Style and the Nashville Number System. He has also worked with many of the major session players across the country, and can tailor the chart to suit a range of musicians needs and requirements. Sonic also has a great understanding and appreciation of many genres of music from country to rock and pop to jazz based music. His ability to create a chart for your songs, what ever style they may be is second to none. He’s also a brilliant bassist and excellent session muso. If you are looking for a chart writer to get the job done, and get it right, I can highly recommend the Chart Surgeon to take care of all your chord charting requirements.
        You won’t be disappointed.”

        • Steve Sparrow   Steve Sparrow

        Buy Chart – $30

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